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Urbaani kulttuuri–, taide– ja tapahtumayhteisö
Urbant kultur–, konst– och evenemangssamfund
Community for Urban Culture, Art and Events

UrbanApa was created 2010 by two young Helsinki based artists Sonya Lindfors and Anniina Jääskeläinen (Murha- kollektiivi). UrbanApa is a concept that functions in the field of urban arts by producing events, performances, clubs, music festivals, site specific performances and workshops for young people.


UrbanApa's ten commandments

  1. Make the world a better place through art!
  2. Increase a sense of a community.
  3. Create work and networking possibilities for young artists.
  4. Produce events and performances of new Finnish urban art forms.
  5. Realize new multidisciplinary events that respond to the current demands.
  6. Decrease the generation gap.
  7. Attract new audiences to contemporary and urban arts.
  8. Work in collaboration. Together we are stronger.
  9. Involve new makers and participants into the arts field.
  10. Create new structures into the arts field through questioning the current production and financial models as well as discussing about them and alternative ways openly.

Mission, vision and values


The underlying purpose of UrbanApa’s actions is to function as a trendsetter and cutting edge influence in Finnish art. UrbanApa’s actions are based on respecting a sense of community and humanity. UrbanApa wants to function as a platform for POSSIBILITIES by offering work-opportunities for young professional artists, attracting new audiences for dance art, offering high quality courses for children and young people for free, as well as increase general well-being and sense of community through art and different ways of interaction.


UrbanApa is a new event concept with avant-garde nature. We respond to demands, needs and challenges of the changing world. UrbanApa works in grass-root level, offering free courses for young people, as well as in the cutting edge of today’s art and cultural world, realizing imaginative and open-minded performance concepts.

Unlike many other agencies in the field, UrbanApa doesn’t bend into slavery of existing structures, but aims to constantly question and bend the current ways of thinking and operating. As art is meant to do. With versatile and multidisciplinary approach UrbanApa manifests and lives the so often heard words: “Art belongs to everybody!”


As a base for UrbanApa’s activities there are strong values and belief that art has its place in changing the world.
The basis for the artistic work are always equality and respect regardless of ethnic, social, cultural, religious, gender related or economical position.
UrbanApa realizes humane, openly interactive, viable acts of art and events that are rooted in real needs and everyday life, addressing all ages.

Behind UrbanApa there is an organization called UTT ry that stands for support of urban dance art. The mission of the organization is to promote and develop urban art culture, especially the culture of urban dance art, and spread the recognition and the engaging possibilities with it. In addition to that the organization aims to increase equality, tolerance and internationalization through seeing and experiencing art. UTT ry produces UrbanApa’s events and supports the artistic work of Murha- kollektiivi.


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