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UA Miniresidencies: Paola Jalili

Welcome to Tekstin talo!

23 July 2024

UA Miniresidencies: Paola Jalili

A sharing, a demo, a discussion, an outcome – Paola Jalili’s residency period for UA Miniresidencies culminates in a public event in Tekstin talo where she shares some of her process and work. Free admission!

During her residency, Paola Jalili will set up a publication making station where she will work on a new publication under Ei Mainoksia, Kiitos! (EiM,K). With this, she aims to visibilise the work she does as a publisher, and share book-making tools, methods, and conversations around publishing with others. She will be working on the second issue of the Junk Mail Series, an EiM,K! project that explores alternative distribution methods within the publishing field. During her public sharing, people can join and see Paola’s work process, consult some of her publications and other selected books around publishing, chat while she works, or join her making the publication (drawing, collaging, writing, stamping, folding, binding, etc.). The publication is made with non-specialised equipment or software, and with materials and tools that one can find at home. Everyone is welcome to join the public events, no prior experience required.


When: 23 July 2024 at 13:00-17:00
Where: Tekstin talo (Lintulahdenkatu 3)
Language: English


Paola Jalili (she/her) is an artist-publisher and cultural worker currently based in Helsinki. In 2021, she started Ei Mainoksia, Kiitos!, an independent art publishing initiative that aims to experiment with unconventional and sustainable book formats, and to highlight the time and labor behind the act of publishing. In her visual arts practice, Paola reflects on the intersections between labor, gender, and the contemporary workplace through the project Office Aesthetics.

More information about the venue accessibility on Tekstin talo website (scroll down).