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  • 22.12. – 16.01.2023

UrbanApa is recruiting for spring 2023!

UrbanApa is recruiting! We are looking for a communication specialist!

UA Miniresidencies: Amelia Phan Nguyen

Welcome to Outo olo!

24 February 2023

Recent Platforms

19.12.2022 – 11.01.2023

Platform For Feminist Leadership 4

We need intersectional feminist leadership!

Apply before 11.1.2023!
Feminism Girl Power GIF by Sarah Wintner - Find & Share on GIPHY
10.10.2022 – 26.02.2023

UA Miniresidencies #1

Relations and Connections

Recent Publications

We Should All Be Dreaming: Words Make Worlds

Maryan Abdulkarim & Sonya Lindfors

Cover of the publication: three people looking away; a person with a hijab cradling a mug; a black person with their hand next to their head; an older person with their hand on the black person's shoulder.

About structures – part 2

Elham Rahmati: I don't feel free there either