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Open call for August 2024

UrbanApa returns to Stoa in August 2024!

Deadline 10 June 2024


Friends, we are living in shaky and uncertain times. Crises such as war, the escalation of the climate crisis and the rise of right-wing, conservative, and nationalist politics among many other major disasters, make us ask:

What possibilities or potentials could art have in these times? What could we do, or should we do with art? How can we make space for joint action, community, and hope?

UrbanApa’s aim from the beginning has been to question and challenge existing oppressive structures by creating space for diversity, multiplicity, and joy. In 2024 the festival relocates to Stoa with current, multidisciplinary and compelling program – would you want to contribute? Keep reading!


The festival is held 13–16 August 2024 at Stoa in eastern Helsinki.

The thematic landscape is dreaming & scheming.

UrbanApa’s hope is to be an enabler and a platform for a variety of ways of making and being around artistic making, thinking and being together. This summer we ask:

What are we dreaming of right now? How to start imagining new ways of working, creating and collaborating? How are you dreaming and scheming to subvert oppressive structures? And can artistic work be many things at once – communal, pleasurable, light, subversive? Playful, feminist and communal? Or utopian?


We are looking for a diverse group of artists and makers from different backgrounds.

We ask what kind of opportunities, needs, ideas, strategies, ways of working, methods, aesthetics, the theme dreaming & scheming and the context of Stoa proposes right now?

And what do you need? What would you like to do? What are you interested in?


You can propose

  • Demo, lecture, performance, speech, concept, work-in-progress, site specific work. etc. / max. 40min
  • Choreographic relation, working method, workshop, score, etc.
  • Something else! What?


The proposal does not need to be directly related to the theme of the year, but the theme can be used as a starting point, landscape or inspiration.

Deadline Monday 10 June 2024 23:59 (Finnish time)


Please fill in the application form here: Deadline is Monday 10 June 2024 23:59 (Finnish time). No late admissions!


If you are not able to submit through the application form, you can also apply via email. In your email, include your CV or bio + free-form application (max A4 or link to max 3 min video). Please let us know:

  • Who are you 🙂
  • What do you do / project plan (what, how, why)?
  • Possible relationship with the summer theme?
  • Spatial and technical needs?
  • Are you / how are you free between 13–17.8.2024 (time of the festival)?
  • Other wishes or needs including access needs?
  • Please equip all attachments with your name and contact information.


Name the email message with “OPEN CALL 2024” and send it to AND The deadline for email applications is the same (Monday 10 June at 23:59 Finnish time). We don’t accept any late admissions!


NB! that all participants are required to commit to the platform’s ethical guidelines, which can be found here.


We will send a reply message to all proposals once the application period has ended. The selected artists will receive a fee.


Check out general information on Stoa here:

Check out Stoa’s access info here: