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UA Miniresidencies: Onur Tayranoğlu

Welcome to Forum Box!

19 December 2022

UA Miniresidencies: Onur Tayranoğlu

A sharing, a demo, a discussion, an outcome – Onur Tayranoğlu’s residency period for UA Miniresidencies culminates in a public event in Forum Box where the artist shares some of their process and work through discussing and sharing some visual and textual material.

Through Plug’n’Play (working title), Onur re/explores questions regarding cyber-sexuality, digital encounters, and digital intimacy deriving from the queer phenomenon “cruising”. Gay cruising is a practice that turns the city landscape into a playground, appropriates for sexual desires. Therefore, digital cruising can be understood as an appropriation of digital technologies and their cyber network for sexual desires.

However, appropriation is not one-sided as these technologies also dictate and shape our sexual desires. Onur suggests that technology is an extension of our cyborg-bodies and sexualities, and questions how technologies reconfigure intimacy and contribute to shaping our performances of desire – and to what extent the virtual leaks into our material reality.

When: 5:30–6:30pm, 19 December 2022
Where: Forum Box
Free admission!


Forum Box is partially accessible. There is a 10 cm threshold between the street and the gallery door. There is a ramp that can be used, if needed. The restroom is gender-neutral, but not physically accessible.


UA Miniresidencies is a series of short residencies that aims to enable and support artists’ and makers’ research or work in progress in a soft, light, and communal way. The first iteration is a pilot, but the long term dream is to alleviate the urgent need for working spaces, enrich the local grassroots scene and create expanded structures of support.