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Let's talk art! UA Talks X Kansis is an artist café and discussion club open to all.

Let's talk art!

Finally we are beginning to see the light after 1,5 years of pandemic plight.

UA Talks X Kansis is an artist café and discussion club  where art professionals and lovers can meet each other in the spirit of curated discussions. Here you can follow a panel discussion or a presentation, then continue the discussions over a glass of wine.  UA Talks x Kansis gathers three times during the fall of 2021:


Su 26.9.2021 16:00 – 20:00 | Future visions for the stage – Dreams and struggles | FIN

With: Laura Eklund Nhaga, Niko Hallikainen,  Aune Kallinen and  DJ Renaz Ebrahimi.

Su 31.10.2021 16:00 – 20:00 | Collectivity – Ever changing methods for working | FIN

With: Even Minn, Nora Dadu, Heidi Soidinsalo and DJ Roza Ahmad.

Su 28.11.2021 16:00 – 20:00 | Power and responsibility – Structures | ENG

With: Orlan Ohtonen, Hanna Parry,  Vishnu Vardhani and DJ Sophia Wekesa.


The venue is wheelchair accessible.

There is an accessible bathroom in the premise.

There are gender neutral toilets.

The event is free of charge.


Sunday 28.11.

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Panel discussion

Power and responsibility – Focus on structures

Orlan Ohtonen, Hanna Parry and Vishnu Vardhani. DJ Sophia Wekesa

Let’s talk about power and responsibility, structures, and change! Let’s dive head first into the tricky conversations. Who holds power in the Finnish art field? How is power distributed? Or resources? What kind of art is considered as valuable? How are questions around equality, inclusivity or diversity considered in curating and programming? How could power be distributed more evenly?

As panelists we have three amazing curators, artists, makers and thinkers: Orlan Ohtonen, Hanna Parry and Vishnu Vardhani. The discussion will be moderated by Olga Palo.

After the discussion you can enjoy tunes by DJ Sophia Wekesa

The discussion will be recorded.

Listen to past UA Talks on Spotify:

The event is free of charge & suitable for all ages.

Language of the panel: English

Venue: Finnish National Theatre Vallila (Bruno Granholmin kuja, 00510 Helsinki).

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Please note that UrbanApa is an anti-racist and intersectionally feminist art platform whose purpose is to create space for multivoiced feminist and communal art making. We kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with our ethical guidelines:

Please only show up if you are healthy. Please wear a mask and use hand sanitizer. Remember to keep distance to the fellow members of the audience.

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