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  • 11.06. – 23.06.2022

UrbanApa is recruiting!

UrbanApa is recruiting! We are looking for a production coordinator and an artist-facilitator.

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UrbanApa is looking for a part-time production coordinator! DL 23.6

Art community UrbanApa is looking for a part-time production and management coordinator to join its team!

UrbanApa and its background association UTT ry is an anti-racist and feminist community founded in 2009. UrbanApa’s activities are based on sharing, community, empowerment and the creation of space. Now we are looking for a person who will take over the administrative and production tasks of the operations and is excited to develop them. Interviews and selection will be conducted during June. The work will start in August 2022. The salary is 1,200 € / month. Working hours about 17 hours a week. The job image is new in the community.

The priority is that the person we are looking for shares the values ​​of the community and wants to work on the development of structures that promote equality and diversity.


The applicant should have:

  • Experience of the fields of culture, association or organization
  • Education (or experience from work life) from in the field of culture or administration
  • Experience in production, financial and / or administrative work and applying for grants
  • Languages ​​Finnish and English. As the official materials of the background association are in Finnish, the applicant must speak and write excellent Finnish. Due to the international nature of the activity, excellent command of the English language is required.


Tasks include:

  • Coordination of production processes and schedules
  • Writing and reporting grant applications in collaboration with the artistic director
  • Development and maintenance of statistics
  • Tasks related to event production
  • Tasks related to financial management in cooperation with the accounting firm


The applicant enjoys systematic, proactive and inspiring work in which one is allowed to act independently but relying on a close community. UrbanApa is based in Helsinki, but the community does not have permanent premises, so work can also be done remotely from another location.

At UrbanApa, the employee has the opportunity to concretely contribute to the change in the art field towards a more diverse, porous and inclusive future.

The selected employee will be introduced to the job on August 8-26. between. The probationary period at work is 3 months. We hope for an applicant who is committed to the job in the long run!

Send your application, curriculum vitae and any recommenders / recommendations to Lilja Lehmuskallio by 23/06/2022 at Interviews can already be conducted during the application period.

More information about the community at

UrbanApa is looking for an Artist-Facilitator! DL 23.6!

Art community UrbanApa is searching for a part-time artist-facilitator to join their activities starting in August 2022!

Founded in 2009, UrbanApa is an anti-racist and feminist art community that acts as a platform for art events, new ways of doing, and discourses that centre on art. Now we search for an artist who has experience in facilitation, to lead and support UrbanApa’s Mentoring Platform for Young Artists in 2022-2023.

A fixed fee of 4 000 € will be offered for the chosen person. The work is spread to a duration of 8 months (a set amount of hours altogether, but due to the nature of mentoring, spread out). The familiarisation for the job and the curation process for the next participants of the Mentoring platform will be done between 8.-26.8., so at least two weeks of working time is necessary in the month of August.

Very important aspect is that the candidate shares the values and aims of UrbanApa and wants to participate in constructing structures which support equity and diversity in the society and the art field. We aim to have the interviews and make the decision during the month of June.

What we expect from the candidate:

  • Experience as an artist
  • Experience of facilitation, curation and/or mentoring
  • Experience of coordinating a projectPedagogical experience is seen as an advantage
  • Language requirements: English. It is not necessary to speak Finnish. However, if the candidate is Finnish-speaking, great command of English is also required.

Please send your application, CV and possible recommendations to Lilja Lehmuskallio, by 23.6.2022. Interviews can be held already during the application period.

More information about the community