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UrbanApa TOOLBOX is a workshop /lab that aims at bringing artists of different backgrounds together. TOOLBOX offers a low-fi and  easy access platform where artistic practices can be shared and questions asked collectively. The week consists of a series of sessions that have been curated under a frame.

The first TOOLBOX of this spring has the theme technique and is curated by Suvi Kemppainen.
















TOOLBOX week on technique invites five artists to share their respected techniques. What do we do with techniques? When does technique turn into practice? During this week we will reroute, find solace and converse on the poetics and practicalities of technique. Participants don’t have to have any previous experience in specific technique to join the workshops.


TOOLBOX is aimed at professional artists BUT does not require a background in dance or performance.  Some of the exercises might involve movement, speech, rhythmical or written practices.


The workshop days are from 10:00 to 15:00 in dance studio DCA:s spaces in Mannerheimintie.

Facilitators are among others:  Eevi Tolvanen, Jessica Piasecki, Niko Hallikainen, Pinja Poropudas and Isa Hukka.


The platforms  ethical guidelines can be found HERE.


DCA’s premises have an elevator (width 80cm) and a gender-neutral toilet. The width of the rehearsal room’s door is 78 cm. The nearest accessible toilet is 20 meters from the Hesburger or across the street at the Swedish Theater.

Do you have questions, thoughts or needs about accessibility? We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Send us a message ( and let’s make it work 🙂

The languages used during the TOOLBOX will be English and Finnish depending on the needs of the participants.


MONDAY 2.5.2022

Jessica Piasecki 

in this workshop we ask and try playfully:

what does activism mean as a technique? 😉

how to act when needed? :>

how to recognize the need? ._.

how to prepare the body for action? :3

how to give and take feedback? 🙂

what kind of posture is subversive? :,)

also: how to dismantle bourgeoisie conventions in the art field? 🙂


TUESDAY 3.5.2022

Niko Hallikainen: Picture a Moon, Shining in Your Mouth 

This writing workshop focuses on the use of meditational practices and active imagination in the process of writing. The concept of writing technique is elusive, since language has mystical levels to its production, thus language is a deeply personal and collectively complicated act of meaning-making, which can not be manualized. The workshop aims to illuminate the complexity of language and to form a sensible gateway into writing. Niko Hallikainen is a performance poet and novelist. Bring a notebook or laptop, whichever preferred for writing.


WEDNESDAY 4.5.2022

Eevi Tolvanen: Different shades of contact

In this workshop we dive into sensitizing our senses and skins to limitless meetings,  reuniting and separating from other bodies. We start from understanding the possibilities of corporal consent and constantly negotiating it through movement and contact work. It´s a beautiful dance between approving and declining. The inner and outer bodily landscapes melt, build up, support and create complex worlds together with others.

There is space to take the given proposals to the direction of individual interests.

Tolvanen also opens up how she uses contact work diversely in her art practices, how it creates different possibilities to connect with spectators or with different groups.


THURSDAY 5.5.2022

Isa Hukka: slowly towards radical access

This workshop explores a crip technique. Creating access is an act of love and always a work in progress. Throughout the planning and making this workshop, access(ibility) is put first and anti-ableist action is taken. This workshop is by and for the bodyminds that participate in it, and all kinds of embodiment, dis/abilities, knowledges and ways of participating are welcome.

During the day, the participants receive propositions for tasks that include writing/drawing, discussing, and moving in their own way. We use mainly English and Finnish, but other languages can definitely be used too. A letter of detailed accessibility information and schedule will be sent to the participants few days in advance. The workshop is planned based on the following topics:

🌷 what is crip and disability centered access?

🌷 what does it mean to create access? for who? by who? why?

🌷 what is Disability Justice?

🌷 recognizing access needs

🌷 “no bodymind is left behind”

🌷 boundaries and access

🌷 hiding, showing, perceiving non-normative ways of moving


FRIDAY 6.5.2022

Pinja Poropudas: but why ballet though?

The workshop day consists of two parts. In the morning we’ll be working with the body by focusing on the surface of the body, the inside of the body and the different realms of the body in the context of a guided open level ballet class. We practice ballet technique in a gentle manner focusing on finding prolongation, articulation of the feet, twisting of the spine, and support from the middle.In the afternoon we’ll be discussing what it is to practice technique, how to convert bodily knowledge into words and what happens in that process. What makes  practicing a dance technique meaningful to us and what kind of fantasies of ourselves and to be seen are involved?



Would you like to inspire and be inspired? Try out new tools of working ? TOOLBOX is looking for artists from different practices and backgrounds to share, inspire, learn and to study.

Please send a SHORT MAX A HALF PAGE LONG letter of motivation ( why would you want to take part, what kind of tools would you need)  and your cv to by Sat 23.4 16:00. 

NB! The whole lab costs 20€ and we wish that the participants would commit for the whole week. It is not possible to attend single workshops. 

Cant afford the 20€ cost? Let us know. Let’s figure it out  together 🙂

Come come, come one come all!

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