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UA Miniresidencies: Bruno Zambrano

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11 November 2023

UA Miniresidencies: Bruno Zambrano

A sharing, a demo, a discussion, an outcome – Bruno Zambrano’s residency period for UA Miniresidencies culminates in a public event in Museum of Impossible Form where the artist shares some of his process and work. Free admission!

Bruno Zambrano discusses his personal experiences of belonging and not belonging in relation to his second country of origin, Mexico. What is it like to be a Mexican who has lived in Finland all his life and has not fully assimilated the language and cultureof his other country? In his work, Zambrano approaches his own dichotomy between the two countries, a longing that cannot be fully remedied, a longing for his own family. He approaches these feelings, familiar to so many second-generation immigrants, first-hand. At the same time, there is also something more universal in these feelings, a desire to belong that is shared by all. The work focuses on the interplay between dance, video and sound. During his residency, Zambrano explores how the experience of longing can be visualised.


When: 11 November 2023 at 16:00
Where: Musem of Impossible forms
Language: English & Finnish


Bruno Zambrano is a dance artist based in Helsinki. He is interested in working with video andsound and integrating it into dance practice. In his work, Zambrano explores the sense ofbelonging and living between cultures. He approaches his feelings and experiences with sincerity,playfulness and sensitivity.



The space is accessible by a lift with thresholds up to 4cm on the way. The toilet has no thresholds and it is not spacious enough to meet accessibility standards. Nearest accessible toilet is located at Kontula Metro Station.


UA Miniresidencies is a series of short residencies that aims to enable and support artists’ and makers’ research or work in progress in a soft, light, and communal way. The long term dream is to alleviate the urgent need for working spaces, enrich the local grassroots scene and create expanded structures of support.