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UA Miniresidencies: Lauri Lohi

Welcome to Virgiinia!

28 January 2023

UA Miniresidencies: Lauri Lohi

A sharing, a demo, a discussion, an outcome – Lauri Lohi’s residency period for UA Miniresidencies culminates in a public event in Virgiinia where the artist shares some of their process and work. Free admission!

In Ottaja/The Taker, an intergalactic inquisitor, an extraterrestrial space cowboy, has been sent on exile to Earth. Due to an unfortunate mistake, they must now try to learn from the western socialised human’s relationship to taking and receiving. The first being the cowboy encounters happens to be… a fish.

Due to a second unfortunate mistake, the cowboy is now stuck with a non-verbal animal head and has to start their research from learning through body language. All Ottaja/The Taker longs for is to belong.

Join Ottaja/The Taker in a performative tea-party, watching them take their first wobbly steps on this adventure on the 28 January at Virgiinia.

PS. Actual tea shall be served. Please feel invited to dress up. Hassut hatut!

When: 28 January 2023 at 4pm
Where: Virgiinia
Language: English
Content note: Involves voluntary & softly participatory parts

Lauri Lohi (they/them, hen/den) is a non-binary performer, creator and graphic designer. As a predominantly autodidact artist, Lohi’s creativity draws inspiration from absurd comedy, queer communities, fantastical creatures and holistic leadership with intersectional tools. Their movement practices are strongly influenced by both contemporary dance and club-and street dance cultures.

Right now they are tickled by 3D art, animation, top-surgeries, multiverses, The Sims, communication skills and handstands.


The space is not wheelchair-accessible. The toilets are gender-neutral.


UA Miniresidencies is a series of short residencies that aims to enable and support artists’ and makers’ research or work in progress in a soft, light, and communal way. The first iteration is a pilot, but the long term dream is to alleviate the urgent need for working spaces, enrich the local grassroots scene and create expanded structures of support.