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UA Miniresidencies: Lintu Lunar & to kosie

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28 October 2023

UA Miniresidencies: Lintu Lunar & to kosie

A sharing, a demo, a discussion, an outcome – Lintu Lunar’s and to kosie’s residency period for UA Miniresidencies culminates in a public event in Museum of Impossible Form where the artists shares some of their process and work. Free admission!

Hydrographic dream is a mini residency project by Lintu Lunar and to kosie. For 10 days they have worked on 3D mind map tracking fluid / feminist / queer artistic working methods. It’s the central point of both of their practices, but they use different mediums: Lintu Lunar works mainly with music, sound and performance, where as to kosie with sculpture, installation and video art. Lintu Lunar’s short description of the fluid methods: Sometimes it feels like working underwater, becoming water, completely fluid, filling allholes, rounding corners, pushing against straight lines. It’s an inability to stay static insimple categories. We create waves by engaging through a continuous fascination-following cycle, mapping our desires of connecting and relating with objects, materials and situations. Queerness is what water knows, it takes us deeper into the exploration of suppressed/oppressed identities that are ready to occupy the full range, lay on the surface fearless and free and dive into the depths with sexiness and playfulness.

On 28th October Lintu Lunar and to kosie open the door of the Museum of Impossible Forms to the public and present the 3D mind map made of various physical materials and audio – videorecordings. The audience will be free to engage, add their elements to the mind map,comment on it or interact in a way that feels right.


When: 28 October 2023 at 12:30-14:30
Where: Musem of Impossible forms
Language: English


Lintu Lunar (they/them) works with carbon based embodiment, digital otherness,queerfeminism, and trans cyborg dimensions. In their work everything starts from fantasiesgetting physical. Lunar would like to state that fantasy is already true in itself and the binary division between fantasy and reality is fake. Their attempt is to translate the intangible worlds around them into tangible through sound, poetry, movement and performance. Their work has been shown at Helsinki Music Hall, Kiasma URB-festival, MAA-tila Gallery, Myymälä2 Gallery and abroad at VBKÖ Gallery in Wien. Live music sets Lunar has played at Club Kaiku, HAM-corner, Helsinki City Museum and Kontula Electronics-festival. They are currently based in Berlin and re-establishing their artistic practice there after several years of building the queer art scene and underground club/rave culture in Helsinki.

‘To kosie’  (it/its) is a visual artist born in Poland and based in Helsinki. Its work focuses on queer-feminist perspective on underwater life, exploring concepts of fluidity, balance, ongoing interaction, and transformation. This fluid realm serves as a metaphor for resistance, providing a space of safety and acceptance for self-expression. To kosie builds queer-feminist aesthetics through exploration of wide variety of experimental materials, fluid compositions in forms of mixed media sculptures and installations. Its video works function as video performances, with the camera actively engaging in the action, featuring movement and dynamics, challenging the domination of high quality image. Its works have been exhibited in Finland at Kalleria, Oksasenkatu 11, Asematila, Pori Biennale III, B-galleria, VAFT, Taidekirppis, Festival of Political Photography, Publics, Museum of Impossible Forms and abroad: ADN Platform in Barcelona, SWAB Barcelona Art Fair, The Main Project of 6th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Rietveld Pavilion in Amsterdam, Snehta Residency in Athens and other.



The space is accessible by a lift with thresholds up to 4cm on the way. The toilet has no thresholds and it is not spacious enough to meet accessibility standards. Nearest accessible toilet is located at Kontula Metro Station.


UA Miniresidencies is a series of short residencies that aims to enable and support artists’ and makers’ research or work in progress in a soft, light, and communal way. The long term dream is to alleviate the urgent need for working spaces, enrich the local grassroots scene and create expanded structures of support.