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UrbanApa TOOLBOX is a workshop /lab that aims at bringing artists of different backgrounds together. TOOLBOX offers a low-fi and  easy access platform where artistic practices can be shared and questions asked collectively. The week consists of a series of sessions that have been curated under a frame.

The second TOOLBOX of this fall has the theme play and is co.curated by Minna Karttunen.

We will share practices for both art and life, research, discuss, play and spend time together. TOOLBOX is aimed at professional artists BUT does not require a background in dance or performance.  Some of the exercises might involve movement, speech, rhythmical or written practices.

When & where?

The workshop days are from 10:00 to 15:00 in dance studio DCA:s spaces in Mannerheimintie or if necessary because of corona online via Zoom.

Facilitators are among others:  Minna Karttunen, Heli Keskikallio, Kaino Wennerstrand, Caroline Suinner ja Noora Dadu

Ethical guidelines

The platforms  ethical guidelines can be found HERE.


DCA’s premises have an elevator (width 80cm) and a gender-neutral toilet. The width of the rehearsal room’s door is 78 cm. The nearest accessible toilet is 20 meters from the Hesburger or across the street at the Swedish Theater.

Do you have questions or needs? Send us a message ( and let’s make it work 🙂


Monday 16.11

Heli Keskikallio: Speculative leanings and wild things

During the workshop day, we will delineate playful relations to our surroundings through the intertwinements of everyday world and speculative fantasies. We explore the entanglement of different materials, forces and resonances as well as the leanings and rewildings of relations. We will immerse ourselves into tactile/haptic sensings, practice being-with and co-composition, build imaginative sculpture landscapes and dance to wildness. If the weather allows, we go out into the city landscape to practice a gently anarchistic galloping-exercise. Bring with you weather-appropriate clothing.

Tuesday 17.11.

Kaino Wennerstrand: Sound, voice, performance

Kaino Wennerstrand gets us acquainted with sound and the use of our own voice as an element and material of performance. Kaino has worked as an artist and sound designer for over 10 years.

Wednesday 18.11.

Caroline Suinner: Encounters

The focus of this workshop is on encountering one another through listening, conversation, and illustration. The workshop is divided into two sessions. In the first session we practice communication, which we then illustrate in the second session. Come as you are, comfortable clothes recommended.

Thursday 19.11.

Minna Karttunen: Home Findings

In this workshop we will play with materials that are found from our homes. The materials will be used as an inspiration for a costume and moving/dancing. Home Findings is about using our intuition to guide our play.

Friday 20.11.

Noora Dadu:  Character workshop

In this workshop we conceive characters, talk about questions related to characters and different ways of creating one (and perhaps discuss conversion from a wider perspective).


Would you like to inspire and be inspired? Try out new tools of working ? TOOLBOX is looking for artists from different practices and backgrounds to share, inspire, learn and to study.

Please send a SHORT MAX A HALF PAGE LONG letter of motivation ( why would you want to take part, what kind of tools would you need)  and your cv to by Fri 13.11.

NB! The whole lab costs 20€ and we wish that the participants would commit for the whole week. It is not possible to attend single workshops. 

Cant afford the 20€ cost? Let us know. Let’s figure it out  together 🙂

Come come, come one come all!

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