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21.11.2022 – 25.11.2022


Open call until Thu 17.11!
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UrbanApa TOOLBOX is a workshop /lab that aims at bringing artists of different backgrounds together. TOOLBOX offers a low-fi and  easy access platform where artistic practices can be shared and questions asked collectively. The week consists of a series of sessions that have been curated under a frame.

The second TOOLBOX of this fall has the theme how to do things with___ and is curated by Sonya Lindfors.

This week is an exploration into different hands on tools, strategies and ways of working as well as collective questions. What are we busy with? How do we do things that we are doing? Where do we even begin and how do we get there?

 Facilitators from different contexts and practices will share tools from their toolbox. The week is about playfully dipping one self into different practices and ways of working. Sharing is caring!

Participants don’t have to have any previous experience in specific technique to join the workshops.


TOOLBOX is aimed at professional artists BUT does not require a background in dance or performance.  Some of the exercises might involve movement, speech, rhythmical or written practices.


The workshop days are from 10:00 to 15:00 in dance studio DCA:s spaces in Mannerheimintie.

Facilitators are among others:  Sara Melleri, Heidi Väätänen, H Ouramo and Sonya Lindfors among others.


The platforms  ethical guidelines can be found HERE.


DCA’s premises have an elevator (width 80cm) and a gender-neutral toilet. The width of the rehearsal room’s door is 78 cm. The nearest accessible toilet is 20 meters from the Hesburger or across the street at the Swedish Theater.

Do you have questions, thoughts or needs about accessibility? We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Send us a message ( and let’s make it work 🙂

The languages used during the TOOLBOX will be English and Finnish depending on the needs of the participants.


MONDAY 21.11

Eevi Tolvanen:Demolish and reconstruct

In this workshop we dive into inner structures. The aim is to bringattention to the possibilities of the complex inner space and getunderstanding of the spectrum of textures we can play with. How todemolish and reconstruct, collapse and reach up. We constantly negotiateconsent through movement and contact work.There is space to take the given proposals to the direction ofindividual interests



 H Ouramo (they/them): how to do things with support

Every single act or action requires structures of support. We will explore this through doing some things with objects, materials and meanings. We will use discussion, writing and our bodies in relation to the space and objects in order to create trails/images/situations. We will use soft witnessing and sharing and all exercises can be carried out in your own way. We might assemble families of things, avatars, cyborg or stunt bodies out of chains of thoughts and trash and talk about the relationships between visible and invisible presences. Please bring a pen and paper to take notes and draw with.



Sara Melleri: How to do things with acting in a scene

Pick a song. In the morning we warm up by making improvised show number to the songs that you’ve picked. Wear clothes that are good for moving in. I use the word “show” loosely because I believe that a show can be anything. No previous experience of acting or theatre is needed. The second part of the day is for scenes with text from the film Whatever happened to Baby Jane? (1962).

Come to the workshop with an open mind and ready to experiment with expression. There is no right or wrong way of acting here.



Sonya Lindfors: How to do things with joy

In my work, joy, having fun, jamming and laughter are central. In this workshop we will examine the notion of joy, having fun together in a work context, we will (hopefully) do things that bring us and each other joy.


FRIDAY 25.11

Heidi Väätänen: How to do things with speculative Fiction

The workshop examines how alternative realities can be created by words. In the writing exercises, we change the past and create our own futures. You can participate in the workshop even if you haven’t written much. It is recommended to bring a computer, but it is not necessary.


Would you like to inspire and be inspired? Try out new tools of working ? TOOLBOX is looking for artists from different practices and backgrounds to share, inspire, learn and to study.

Please send a SHORT MAX A HALF PAGE LONG letter of motivation ( why would you want to take part, what kind of tools would you need)  and your cv to by Thu 17.11 22:00. 

Title you email TOOLBOX #21 / OPEN CALL double check that all attachments have your name and content info on them.

You will hear from us on 18.11.2022.

NB! The whole lab costs 20€ and we wish that the participants would commit for the whole week. It is not possible to attend single workshops. 

Cant afford the 20€ cost? Let us know. Let’s figure it out  together 🙂

Come come, come one come all!

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