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27.02.2023 – 03.03.2023


Open call until Fri 24.2 16:00!
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UrbanApa TOOLBOX is a workshop / lab that aims at bringing artists of different backgrounds together. TOOLBOX offers a low-fi and  easy access platform where artistic practices can be shared and questions asked collectively. The week consists of a series of sessions that have been curated under a frame.

The first TOOLBOX of this spring has the theme how to change things? and is curated by Sonya Lindfors.

Change making, changing structures, working ways, representations, language etc, is central to feminist practices. But how to change things with art and artistic practices?

This week brings together artists and makers from different practices and contexts to explore hands on tools, strategies and ways of working with change. The theme aims also to bring attention to the structures that we are currently working within.

During the days we will also approach the questions of: What needs to be changed? What can we do with art or within art? What can we learn from each other?

Participants don’t have to have any previous experience in specific technique to join the workshops. The facilitators of the different days come from different contexts and practices. The week is about playfully dipping one self into different practices and ways of working. Sharing is caring!

NB. TOOLBOX is aimed at professional artists BUT does not require a background in dance or performance.  Some of the exercises might involve movement, speech, rhythmical or written practices.


The workshop days are from 10:00 to 15:00 in dance studio DCA:s spaces in Mannerheimintie.

The facilitators of the week are: Orlan Ohtonen, Sofia Charifi, Lauri Lohi, Pie Kärki & Nooa Kekoni


The platforms  ethical guidelines can be found HERE.


DCA’s premises have an elevator (width 80cm) and a gender-neutral toilet. The width of the rehearsal room’s door is 78 cm. The nearest accessible toilet is 20 meters from the Hesburger or across the street at the Swedish Theater.

Do you have questions, thoughts or needs about accessibility? We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Send us a message ( and let’s make it work 🙂

The languages used during the TOOLBOX will be English and Finnish depending on the needs of the participants.


Orlan Ohtonen: In With Practice

Are you looking for ways to organise safer events and work spaces, but struggling to find actual tools that work? Or have you found some that need tweaking? Are you just tired of the amount of empty words around equity? I offer no clear cut solutions, but a space to discuss with the help my own experiences of the muddy waters of facilitating, organising and collective work. The workshop is built on writing, thinking together and consensual sharing of experiences. My hope is we all walk out with some new practicalities to try out.


Lauri Lohi: what if the only constant is change? ha-ha that’s funny!

How does the urge for change feel in the body? How to tap into playful and embodied agency in the body? How to notice the need for a change? How to hear and acknowledge what our creative intuition suggests? How to try on and create different, dramatic or performative selves as agents for change? In this workshop we dabble in movement, materials, performativity, masks, words, stances, choices, play and absurdity. We get bored of our ways. We change something. We get bored of ourselves again. We try something else. We get bored of ourselves and try have fun with it. We work together with individual & performative experiments, write and discuss together. The only thing you need with you is comfortable clothes to move in and something to write with. 


Pie Kärki: (Small shifts + talking) repeat

The workshop day starts with a movement observation practice shared by the facilitator, focusing on the feeling of arrival and transition. Then we will write and discuss about the experience to negotiate how and what to repeat. The aim is to make the artistic practices/questions of the facilitator and participants cross paths in such a way that the participants could possibly find space for change in something they have going on (or stuck with). The day will include moving, writing and talking as well as working in pairs and groups.


Sofia Mounia Charifi: How to start?

The key words of the day are allowance, rest, listening and play. The suggested movement and writing activities are based on the idea that they are easy to start with when the threshold and fear of getting started are high. Let’s create a space where we can be unfinished and ponder about how to lay the ground for sustainable work where one can comfortably operate in the midst of change. Bring a pen and paper, and comfortable, warm clothes.


Nooa Kekoni: “u lost? great.”

things are changing rapidly; different urgencies are making us adapt to learn new. for new to enter, we need space for it. first half we’ll look into gathering things and letting go with a somatic(ish)-movement approach and how to support each other when being lost in new. safer space is a shared responsibility, it’ll work as an active undertone. would be nice to have space for you to try out and straggle around without pressure. after lunch we’ll continue with being lost and supporting. aaand for the ending, we’ll organize a small party together for us. ye! no prior experience needed, come as you are. something comfy on where moving feels good. bring something (1 thing) you wanna let go of. can be anything. we’ll then let them go at the end of the day. see you 🙂


Apply by by Fri 24.2.2023 16:00.

Would you like to inspire and be inspired? Try out new tools of working ? TOOLBOX is looking for artists from different practices and backgrounds to share, inspire, learn and to study.

Please send:

  • a SHORT MAX A HALF PAGE LONG letter of motivation (why would you want to take part, what kind of tools would you need) and
  • your cv

to by Fri 24.2.2023 16:00.

Title you email TOOLBOX #22 / OPEN CALL. Please double check that all attachments have your name and content info on them.

You will hear from us on by Sat 25.2.2023 morning.

NB! The whole lab costs 20€ and we wish that the participants would commit for the whole week. It is not possible to attend single workshops. 

Cant afford the 20€ cost? Let us know. Let’s figure it out  together 🙂

Come come, come one come all!

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